5 Ways You Know You Go To A Party School


1. Every holiday is an excuse to party- Any school will party hard on Saint Patty’s day, but the real party schools will find any excuse or holidays to go all out on. From Ceaser Chavez to Halloween, party schools go big especially on holidays.


night no one remembers

2. The Night no one remembers- Some would say you can have “The night no one remembers” at any school, but if you go to a party school you or your crew will have a story or tale as such. It was the night that only bits and pieces can be recalled because either you, or the whole squad was blacked out. Hey it happens, it’s college


college couch burning

3. Burning couches- Weather it be burning couches for insane holiday parties or no reason at all, lighting couches on fire has become almost ritual at top party schools. From UCSB to Arizona State these schools are notorious for burning couches.


4. Thirsty Thursday is the start of the weekend binge- Any college that gets down starts hard on Thursday and doesn’t stop till Monday.  From Thursday night drink specials to Sunday morning mimosas, alcohol and party schools go hand in hand.


top party schools list

5. School makes Top annual party list- From the Princeton Review to Playboys annual list of top party schools, any school past or present on these list goes hard. Schools must have hot girls, good parties, and plenty of boozing to stay competitive on these list.