Top College Anthems of the Last Decade

5) To start off our list we have Duke Alum and Divison 1 Baseball player turned rapper Mike Stud with - College Humor



4) Next on our list is the lyricist Asher Roth with - I Love College. This song was in instant classic in the college scene



3) This list wouldn't be complete without Sam Adams spin-off of Asher Roths I Love College - I Hate College



2) Made famous by one of the most popular party movies of all time Project X, Kid Cudi's - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) still to this day is a college DJ's go to song to instantly turn up the crowd.



1) The number one song on our list may not have college in its name, but for a period you couldn't attend a college party without hearing this song. At number 1 we have Wes Walker's - Jordan Belfort