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Media ambassador

Are you currently enrolled in a media arts program at your school? If so look no further. Get the opportunity to:

  • Get media passes to local events to film or photograph.
  • Gives you a platform of over 20 thousand students to see your creativity.
  • Make original sketches and other creative content to gain experience in the industry.
  • Boost your own social media as you will be tagged in all the content you create for our brand.


  • Must know how to use either FCPX or Adobe Premier.
  • Must be able to add watermarks and be able to add or change certain scenes to match brand image.
  • If photographer : Must know how to use Lightroom or Photoshop.
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Brand Ambassador

This position is for those individuals interested in music, entertainment, and marketing.


  • Sell tickets to local shows
  • Be a part of Bi-Monthly web meetings
  • Have a small team of college party scene brand ambassadors at your school
  • Plan events or send local media ambassadors to film events


  • Be a very social person.
  • Regularly attend music shows.
  • Have some spare time. Pretty much it.
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blog writers

Journalism Majors anyone?

Paid blogging positions available.

We are not all just fun and games. We are looking for writers who can write well and like to do so.


  • Event recaps
  • Live blog updates on music festivals
  • Serious topics affecting college students
  • Student debt
  • Greek life problems
  • ANYTHING pertaining to the college scene

Disclaimer: If certain blogs are offensive to people we do have the right to take it down. Please remember different colleges go through different experiences based on location.

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